The Ascension Flights team preparing to launch a balloon which will scatter ashes in space

Serenity Launch

Our Serenity Launch is flown from a beautiful site in Sheffield, UK. The ashes are carried inside the balloon and scattered across the Earth from over 100,000 feet as the balloon bursts. You and your guests can attend and be a part of the launch.

The Serenity Launch does not include a video memorial. 


The Ascension Flights scattering mechanism scattering ashes in space

Memorial Launch

Our Memorial Launch is flown from our site in Sheffield. Our flight system carries the ashes into space and films their release with our bespoke scatter mechanism. After the flight is completed, our in-house editing team will produce a stunning video memorial with footage from the launch, set to music of your choice.

You and your guests are welcome to attend and be a part of the launch.


Ascension Flights preparing to launch a balloon in the desert

Personal Launch

Our Personal Launch allows you to choose your own launch location. We'll work with you to find a suitable date, time and location that's important to you and your loved ones. The Personal Launch includes all the features of the Memorial Launch, including the memorial video.

from £3095