The Science

We use helium gas and bespoke high altitude balloons to safely reach altitudes exceeding 30km. At 19km, the balloon passes the ‘Armstrong Limit’, commonly regarded as the border between the atmosphere and near space. Above this level, our vantage point affords an incredible view of the upper atmosphere and the curvature of the earth.

The temperature varies greatly throughout inner space, from highs of 50 celsius and lows of -120. At 100,000 feet, temperature hovers around -60 celsius. At the moment of release, any microscopic water droplets remaining in the ashes freeze instantly, creating a beautiful glittering cascade. The combination of vista and release produce an unparalleled visual, worthy of a life well lived.

As atmospheric pressure falls to below 10% of what we experience on the earth’s surface, our balloons expand to a diameter of over 15 feet before they can no longer maintain their structure. Our balloons are designed to burst evenly in thin strands which stay attached to the parachute. After all our launches, we track and recover our payloads using advanced GPS trackers, wherever they may land. This process minimises the environmental impact of the flight.